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Lakshmi pooja / Ritual for prosperity. 48 days

Lakshmi pooja / Ritual for prosperity. 48 days

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Prosperity cannot and should not always be expressed in a material or monetary context. Well-being is the environment in which we live, how we feel where we are. First of all, it is a family. Both how we feel in the family, what are the relationships in the family and whether there is a family at all.

Lakshmi is that energy, that aspect of consciousness that determines the level of well-being in our lives. At the same time Lakshmi is responsible for material life and the fulfilment of material desires. The more Lakshmi there is in our consciousness, the more prosperity we have in our lives.

Lakshmi pooja is a ritual performed to improve the free movement of Lakshmi's energy within us and in our lives. 

For Lakshmi pooja/ritual there will established a Lakshmi pooja/altar every day. There will be offered flowers, sweets, incense and all other pooja materials fresh every day. Lakshmi pooja will be performed for 48 days. Every day Lakshmi mantra will be chanted 108 times in morning and 108 times in evening.

This  is NOT a part of a group or general pooja/ritual. This is done individually for YOU. Before starting pooja there will be done sankalpa every day, meaning: there will be mentioned your name and your astrological details as nakshatra, rashi and gotra. If you know these details, please send a message while purchasing this product. If not, please, send your birth details: time, date, month, year and place of birth. 

After completion of this pooja we will send this yantra to you. At this point the yantra has become your weapon, your talisman because it has been charged by Lakshmi mantra and received Lakshmi shakti. Keep this yantra with yourself and don't share it with anybody. 

Let MA LAKSHMI bless you!


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