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Birthday homa / fire ritual

Birthday homa / fire ritual

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Happy birthday to anyone who has it today! 

For sure we can and most of will celebrate our birthday with friends and family, will do a party and have fun. At the same time the moment when the Sun returns from another year journey is when you can set the vector for your next year. Your birthday is one of those magic points in the year, which will define how good the coming year will be.

In Jyotisha we use Varshaphala system to see and analyse in details what to expect from the coming year. It will show you what will happen, where you will see success and where to expect some hurdles. But what is good with Sanantana dharma system is that there are always tools to improve any situation. 

* One very simple way is to do vrata or fasting during this day. Just drink herbal tea. 
If you are familiar with Jyotisha/ Vedic astrology you can do mantra japa (mantra chanting) for your Lagnesha (Ascendant lord). You can do 108 or 1008 times. Whichever suites you better. 
* If you know your Ishta Devata you can do mantra japa or puja or even homa for your Him/Her. 
* You can ask our pandits/priests to do this Birthday homa for you. 

You can do any of these or you can do even all of them. You can combine Vrata (fasting) with Japa (mantra chanting) for your Lagnesha and Homa (fire ritual). 

If you are familiar with Jyotisha/ Vedic astrology, you can see when Sūrya / Sun returns to the exact degrees as it is in your Janma Kundali / horoscope. This is your birthday for this year. Sometimes it can move to the next day or day before. If you're not familiar with vedic astrology, just use your birth date. 

If you want our pandits / priests to perform the homa / fire ritual for yourself or for your family members, just add this as a product to your cart and fill your birth details including time of birth, date, month, year and place. Or just send a whatsapp message by clicking on whatsapp icon here in the lower right corner. 

There will be performed one day homa / fire ritual by one pandit for your wellbeing, prosperity, luck and fortune for the coming year. 

And one more time HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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